everyday can be a domingo

Internet-iza tus cosas

La Unión Europea, en un afán de liderar el cambio virtual, comienza a legislar para que todo electrodoméstico o aparato viviente se conecte a “la gran nube”.

Last.fm por todas partes, neveras auto-abastecidas, auto-medición de gastos de luz, agua y gas y… publicidad creativa ¿intrusiva?

He aqui un fragmento del Comunicado de la Comisión Europea del que hablo:

“Every day we see new examples of applications that connect objects to the internet and each other: from cars connected to traffic lights that fight congestion, to home appliances connected to smart power grids and energy metering that allows people to be aware of their electricity consumption or connected pedestrian footpaths that guide the visually impaired,” said Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media. “The promise of this new development of the internet is as limitless as the number of objects in our daily life it involves. However, we need to make sure that Europeans, as citizens, as entrepreneurs and as consumers, lead the technology, rather than the technology leading us.”

Fuente: Vincent Thome’s Blog


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