everyday can be a domingo

Joe Montana

“One of the good things of life in San Francisco in the 80’s was the opportunity to see Joe Montana play with the San Francisco 69ers. Montana is one of the best defenders of all times, he won four Superbowls and had the legendary ability of making his team recover of a bad match in the last minutes of the game. Tom Junod wrote about Montana in an article published on september of 1994 in GQ’s magazine: During a large period of time I though Joe Montana was a thinker in the position of a defender, a  cerebral athlete who’s game – greedy, hungry, anxious, based in patience, the contention and even passiveness – was the expression of some kind of zen dominion. Following this impression, surely shared by a lot of people, Montana had a brain similar to a chess master, able to calculate all possibilities, calculating movements and counter movements in a  fraction of a second.

The GQ journalist asked Montana if in these moments where there were only a few seconds left and his team was loosing did he make a special effort for completing his first pass because the defense was going to think oh my, here is Joe… And he answered that no, that he always tries to complete the first pass because it is always better to complete it rather than to not, and that he thinks the same for the third and the fourth.

His simplicity Carmen Policy, president of the 49ers, states is his genius. He’s able to act in grounds of very simple things, and adopting decisions which many would consider complex.

The Joe Montana of the brief writers; there is a goal to aspire.”

Source: “Truth, Lies & Advertising; The Art of Account Planning” by Jon Steel


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