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Facebook FriendFeed + Search

Facebook bought FriendFeed yesterday. This is clearly a move to step up Facebook’s game in its war with Twitter to lead the “real-time” Web. What does it mean for Facebook, you ask? Search. And better, more integrated sharing of ideas. And some serious developer talent: FriendFeed’s cofounder Paul Buchheit helped create Gmail. The company is testing an update to its search service that includes “up-to-the-minute results” from status updates, notes and links—and as SearchEngineWorld points out, FriendFeed already offers a similar real-time search service. I’m hoping some of the simplicity and intuitiveness of FF rubs off on the Zuckerberg crew.

For now, FriendFeed will continue to operate separately, although company co-founder Bret Taylor says in a blog post, “We’re still figuring out our longer-term plans for the product with the Facebook team.”

Facebook Search:

With the new Facebook Search, which is still accessed by entering search terms in the box on the top right of any page, users will now see the latest status updates and shared content from both friends and all users who have made their profile open to everyone – in addition to more static types of results like applications, pages, notes, and groups.

Facebook search differs from Twitter in two important ways:

  1. Updates from your friends, which are usually not public, come before updates from everyone.
  2. All updates contain rich content in-line, from videos to music to thumbnails of shared links.

What if Hitler had Friendfeed?


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