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Spanish Mobile Addiction

PeopleSound did a very interesting study in Spain, Italy, France and UK about Internet connectivity. You can read the full article in spanish in Marketing News.


– Not so many Spaniards are connected through cell phones (68% haven’t got smartphones). Compared with Brits (81%), it gives us an idea of the potential growth of the market.

– But we assume a cost a fee of 16€/month, being much less price sensitives that our neighbours (specially France).

– A lot of people have Iphones (UK 35% vs 26% of smartphones; Spain 14% vs 17% Iphones). Iphone’s 2 year fixed contract with Movistar may be the issue.

– Spaniards are the most social addicted to Social Media (63% to 1 or more platforms).

– In holidays the cell phone is the best option to stay connected (usb modem the worst).

In my opinion, the spanish mass-market is still preparing for internet mobile connection and that is why telecommunication companies benefit from early adopters paying expensive fees. Probably in 1 – 1’5 years the connection rates will be lower and connected users much higher.

Quick conclusion: somebody kill Movistar.


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