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Screen Nation

Can you imagine more than 8 hours a day spent on screens?

That’s the time spent on different types of screens by an average american during one day, according to the research done by the Nielsen Company. I just read this article on The New York Times.


Illustration by Jason Lee

Main data:

– TV remains the dominant medium for media consumption and advertising.

– Time in media is almost identical for every age group. Except for 45-to-54-year-olds, who spend 1h/day more.

– > 55 are less multitasking. They could be considered “the generation gap”.

18-to-24-year-olds have a different view: they watch the smallest amount of live TV (3’5 h/day), spend the most time text messaging (29 min./day) and watch the most online video (5.5 min./day).

Nothing really new, except for age differences. The question that underlies behind, which isn’t new either, is how this is affecting the way we live our lives. The way we interact with people, the minutes we spend speaking with each other and the minutes we give. Shortening messages and connecting with trends and celebrities rather than with friends and family, is this the tendency?

Being able to choose instead of being chosen, interact and multitask, cultural tribes easier to find and share “tastes”: at least we won’t “sleep” as much.

When there is an action there is always a reaction. Everyone has a trully anti-facebook friend, so lets see how this whole computer relationship evolves.

As a good friend told me, this is not about technology, it is about ideas, big spreadable ideas, and about connecting with each other. So, if technology helps us connect, it will be a good thing.

But, is this connection real?


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