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Plannair is a low cost strategic plannification consulting company in Madrid which has been raised to be able to help small agencies, which is a very good idea for the times which we are living in. Specially if your agency is competing for a big-time-money campaign.

The team is composed by recent graduates from Miami Ad School‘s Account Planner Bootcamp, and headed by Jorge Cubain (ex- Strategic Director at Grey). This is their Twitter and Facebook account.

Jorge asked me to give him a constructive feedback on his presentation, which in my opinion was great:


– Useful solution to advertising agencies.

– Very good creative concept, linked to low cost travelling agencies. Well presented (crew t-shirts, life jackets and paper-planes). Good first impression of finding useful concepts for agencies.

– Clear understanding.

– Nice being introduced from Felipe San Juan, Managing director of Saatchi&Saatchi Spain, and nice food&wine.

– Jorge asking out people their opinion and networking with assistants.


– The “Crew” should have talked more about their own company or their past experience, although they were briefly introduced. It is a large team, but it would be good to know more about them, specially from Jorge who whas a broad experience as a Planner.

– It would have been good to visualize, even though Felipe numbered a few, m the different areas you can help agencies grouped by areas, since small agencies generally misunderstand planning.

– The campaign was not that clear and assistants did not clearly know what they were attending to, a little hint would’ve been helpful, even though it was an interesting new concept which can be useful for the industry.

– A first project example would have been good to visualice the potential of the company.

– A dossier or USB would have been good for potential clients.

– Do you have a blog?

Mucha mierda!


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