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Who the hell is the shop?

Beta’s cp + b’s web has moved to cpbgroup.com and, in Bogusky’s words, decided to go ahead and let our freak flag fly, with a few improvements. They have an open source so that you can build your own.

They stepped into merging, something the whole web industry is moving into. Examples vary from Google Wave (see old post), Motorola’s new mobile Cliq with their own incorporated software in the mobile world, Blur, or Fallon’s Skimmer.

Facebook is different from Twitter or Second Life (which is surprisingly still popular in north european countries, shy people?); different from Flickr, Youtube, different from News, Sports and Gaming (these last being the main attribute objects such as video/photo other than information). Oh yes, not talking about porn here. And it distract us to look at different pages, we forget about what we were looking at, and sometimes we don’t need more than a quick glance.

Who are we going to trust our vision space to? That’s a lot of money from ads. Should mobile manufacturers like Motorola begin the war, when others such as Apple or Google are already in? Is Facebook slowly trying to substitute Google in the merge? Will the same happen as in the supermarket industry, where the shop decides?

The issue is about:

1) Simplicity: technology and navigability

2) Who comes first: we’re too lazy to change.

3) Which brand we like best: even if it comes second or third, and their design.

That is why I like Cp+b, who doesn’t like a young crazy surfer like Bogusky?

Hahaha that’s weird Mark we also think he’s kind of a greek god. Actually, I feel gay right now.


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