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Late 50’s music: U.S.’s Pop & Blues

1965 was the dawn of a big musical revolution: rock.

Basically two kinds of music lived together in the States, the shallow tender pop music produced in big studios, which youngsters were beginning to grow tired:

Bobby Goldsboro – Danny

And surf music:

The Ventures – Walk Don’t Run

This is a scary Pepsi commercial of the 50’s:

And “low society” Blues, which young brits were beginning to admire.

What is the Blues? Let Howlin’ Wolf explain…

Howlin’ Wolf – How Many More Years

John Lee Hooker – BOOM BOOM (1966)

Muddy Waters – Hoochie coochie man Newport (1960

I’ll continue to link musicians I listen from these ages for a while here.

More about John Lee Hooker:

Crawlin’ King Snake (Live) / Big legs tight skirt / Hobo Blues / I’m Bad Like Jesse James / John Lee Hooker with Muddy’s band

It almost seems like while in Great Britain the youngsters were perceiving all the grandeur of good music in american’s trash cans, white americans could not embrace black music because of all the politics it represented and prefered to remain focused in other things, in other thinking represented by the powerful and rich, as if being black and poor, even though if suffering, if no status or dignity with the rest of society, gave them certain kind of freedom, certain kind of liberty which enabled them to dance and sing better than the white, and laugh, but of course, a black american will always sing and dance and laugh better than a whitey.


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