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How will technology affect our privacy?

The evolution of the consumer system is making us more independant than ever. We are more empowered to contrast and choose from a large variety of products; even politics are like products we can choose from.

Everybody knows a little bit about marketing and it isn’t easy to fool modern people, and connectivity is giving us even more power: we can exchange opinions and make sales of products increase or decrease. Even if you don’t like Facebook or Twitter, the rules of the game are changing; companies are obliged to be in Internet, therefore companies are obliged to be social. That is why, even if we give away our personal information, it won’t be easy to control us.

Why is it important to track our activities? First of all, one should know they are not tracking our data, but the data of our society as a whole, divided by gender, localization etc.

But why should we make this effort? Here are some tangible examples:

1. Empower small companies

Corporations spend thousands of millions in market studies in order to obtain privileged information so that they can have a good image and know what supposedly we are waiting for.

Imagine a small, young, innovative company. What can they do against this? How can they attract business investors if investment is so difficult to justify?

Free information to launch new products is good for us, because they will only succeed if we buy, and we buy if we like what they offer. Maybe it could be you the one who could see a niche and easily sell what these people need, more efficiently.

And not only business companies, but scientific labs, NGO’s, government investments and a large etc. which are trying to fulfill our needs.

2. Know your tastes

Companies have to do what, how and when we want. Just tell them your tastes. There are many more like you, maybe not in every single aspect, but grouped by different aspects: this is called segmentation. Companies would kill to reach you and your segment, trying to be liked, making your life better, and maybe your surroundings.

3. Advertising consumption

Personally I never want to see a femenine cleaning commercial again. Do you? Or have personalized outdoor actions. A free cold beer in my way to work would be fine.

4. Media consumption

Somebody told me, a bit despectively, that since the proletarian workforce accessed culture, culture has bended to their tastes. Which is your taste, should you consume what everybody else? Entering your personal code and access your personally chosen media recommended by friends or brands that think like you.

5. Shape the culture

Bend your cultural consumption to your own taste. And if you and your group are big enough, you all can transform reality along the way. Are you a fan of red snakes: you are not alone, you and people like you are now a group, interconnected through the Internet. Maybe small different groups. Just tell them.

6. On/Off

Of course not everybody wants to share their information always. But you could have tangible benefits if you decided to: customization.

Share your data, it could be converted in information and eventually into knowledge. There are many things we still have to learn from our surroundings to effectively change them.


Will all this help to strengthen the dictated scheme of our life? Good question, maybe not. ON OFF button will be an important issue.


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