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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The history of computer science has incrusted in our mind two main characters: Microsoft & Apple.

Apple has played well it’s role by moving faster than it’s competitor by introducing functionality, design and emotions.

Microsoft, which has provided so many powerful tools such as Microsoft Office, seems now as a big giant who has been hurt and that desperately tries to kill a fly with a shot gun (no accuracy). Examples are Bing or Windows Mobile Phones. Although Project Natal or Surface (see videos of this interface on 101’s blog) can put them BACK IN THE GAME.

But new characters are in scene.

Now that software is not so much about Microsoft and Apple, but about Google, Facebook and Twitter, who will be the new Good or Bad&Ugly?

– Google seemed to be the good, but is everyday more Microsoft (non accuracy examples are Google Chrome or Android) Google Wave should be careful not to become Gmail 2.0, although invitation desire to test the product is generating great expectatives.

– Twitter seemed to be Facebook’s Apple, but Facebook seems to be getting the good from Google, as it’s software is open to many apps (brands inside, Facebook connect etc.), it wouldn’t be strange that Facebook would be the new Linked In; check out this new application for schools, Inigral.

Another issue is hype. Hype goes up&down. Twitter has its hype, Apple has its hype. Facebook, Google and Microsoft don’t. Hype is difficult to control.

Although innovation could prove that the not hyped are hot: Facebook’s new app’s, Google Wave, and Project Natal. Every new move shifts the brand’s image to hot or cold, helped out or not by advertising, which can help to point out.

Who will take advantage of all the hot features gaming companies are developing? Could Sony’s Motion Controller or Nintendo’s Wii give some advantage somehow? Maybe technology will prime which interface to use. Hottest technology now is Project Natal and Surface, which will supposedly be out in the market in 2010-11.

Will Microsoft share their technology or restrict sales to their own products (remember the VHS – Beta case)? Will this move finally re-shift them from Ugly to Good?


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