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Big Brands

This is an ad and article published by The Onion last week, probably fake, but thoughtful.

Nooyi told reporters the company’s $1.3 billion annual advertising budget would be put into Pepsi’s savings account, spread among various charitable organizations, and divvied up into generous bonuses for the company’s minimum-wage factory employees. (…)

“You can’t taste an ad, anyway,” Nooyi said. “People are going to make up their own minds regardless of whether we spend millions trying to inform them that Taylor Swift drinks Pepsi. I mean, seriously, does it really matter if Taylor Swift drinks Pepsi? She’s just a human being like everybody else.” (…)

“Hey, there’s a slogan for you,” Nooyi said. “Spend more time with your families.”

What are the objectives of advertising? Notoriety of the brand, emotional bonding, new product launching?

Aren’t big, historical brands already in the mind of the consumer?

Wouldn’t notorious charity or cultural actions (i.e.: Coronita’s Save the Beach, or Hopenhagen from Coca-Cola, SAP and Siemens) communicate or bond consumers more with brands, and make every ad an event, being more spaced in time and much less “spammed” on your TV. “Hey have you seen 2009’s Pepsi ad on Youtube?”

Given the high ammount of advertising out there, this shift would enable them the status of Legendary Brands.

“Hey look that Cola, tastes good and they never bomb us with fat amounts of crap, their ads are cool and if we drink their cola it’d be like buying an NGO’s share. Not like that other fizzy shit.”

Maybe someone like Sustain Ability would help to certificate this new status.

Of course, all this is not applicable to small or medium brands. They need to stand out.


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