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All slides talk about how to reach people in different contexts, adding value, experience, technology and/or interaction.

Just talking with a friend we match in the uselesness of a new naming, connections planner, specially when the planner concept is already so complex and when the difference with communication planner is so small. It should just be a new area to take into account when implementing a new strategy: tv, radio, press, digital, billboard AND/OR other media (where the message should be adapted, which could be combined with digital, like QR codes or other).

It’s just about synergy with your audience.

“You can only plan the kinds of content you intend to create, put it in as many places as is possble, and look for ways to help that content to spread, by perhaps bringing it to the attention of people who might find it interesting, and letting those people find it when they want it. (…) – suggest that maybe the media we should be planning for are time, space, depth and technology.” Faris Yakob

The last slide (David Gillespie) adds also different models in a digital environment – he doesn’t like the word digital because media is not the focus, it’s just business present in a really social media, the Internet, hence businessess should also become naturally social – are diveded in: NOW+FREE (Easy life) / NOW+PAID (Could combine with the first with premium products)/ LATER+FREE / LATER+PAID (Obsolete). In my opinion, this model is only valid for products available online. Tangible products which are only present in shops or delivered are another story, unless you consider your campaign as the product (maybe gaming).

But I agree with him that we have always been social even though some thought we were captive, and that Internet has growed a lot but beginning to grow up (mature), replacing banners and e-mails for more social campaigns, enabling a feature that always should’ve been there, because media is, by definition, social.

(…) business present in a really social media, the Internet, hence businessess should also become naturally social.” Nice, David.

Source: Faris Yakob, Davaidavai.com, David Gillespie


  David Gillespie wrote @

Hey Alejandro,

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the presentation, appreciate your thoughts on it.

When I first started thinking about Now/Later/Free/Paid (something I Tweeted about in September – http://twitpic.com/gysit), I was absolutely thinking about service design and products that were less tangible.

Now I’m thinking that perhaps brands may have products, but they are always in services as well. For example, Nike + has two paid components – the shoes and the device. But the Now + Free is the actual web service, which is really where the value is for the end user.

It is by no means a completely baked idea, but I feel like there are tangents worth exploring.

Regardless, thanks again for your time and thoughts, I appreciate it!

All the best,


  Alejandro Walker wrote @

Hi David,

Thank you for your thoughts, I am really grateful to share perceptions with somebody about the human race as a social community and how new media are only tools that can boost this communication.

The more important thoughts I extracted from your post and slide were:

– Internet’s content and advertising is still maturing
– We have never been captive as consumers (not even with TV)
– Your buisness model about internet services (n/l/f/p)
– Companies are obliged to be social, because of the sociability that Internet provides.

If you follow the thoughts that Bogusky wrote on his blog (http://alexbogusky.posterous.com/im-getting-out-of-this-industry) you could also understand the campaign of a brand as a product (example: http://www.redbullflightlab.com/).

Therefore your model should always be had in mind by companies and agencies because consumers will clasify brands in this way (providing digital experiences).

In my opinion, even if a payed product was delivered later, some now+free should be offered: gaming, finding, sharing etc.

Keep up the good work!

  Alejandro Walker wrote @

Oh by the way, about Data = Bank + Meaning = Currency on the Internet, I found a very interesting video on Ted Talks about “linked data”:

“Raw Data Now!”

  David Gillespie wrote @

Alejandro, that’s fantastically insightful, and the Red Bull, more than most other companies, understands that they run a tribe, not a group of customers. I really think they are some of the smartest marketers on the planet.

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