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Fan Films II

Star Wars has united into a single social platform, Star Wars Uncut (other than the Comic Con awards) fan films which are being produced for some years from now (see my old post about fan films). It’s a huge social movement by true fans.

Imagen 1

In my opinion, brands (not products) are communities. You wear, you eat, drink or drive a brand (not the cheapest product) if you are proud of what it is made of and what it stands for. If not, you’re just using a product. To become a fan of a product means that you are proud of that product and that you want to become part of that community.

But, are brands to be trusted? Is the price, value and quality right? If not the balloon will promptly break.

Story, which is the history and storytelling of the brand, is it relevant? Does it’s philosophy match yours? Is it the brave (confident, enthusiast, innovative and generous) hero you need for the lifestage you’re at?

If consumers trusted a brand, it’s trajectory and it’s tangible-adding-value actions maybe they would want to represent the brand and recommend it to other consumers and friends. Just for a start, who hasn’t recreated Martini’s lip touch movement…

How would you convince your friend that you are good lad after asking for more money from his/her wallet?

A brand who’s story really inspires me, because of its history, philosophy, products and innovation is Powell Peralta.

But many recreations about commercials are spoofs:

Nowadays, if many advertisers were normal people, consumers would punch them in the face.


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