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App’s VS Multitasking

There doesn’t appear to be much Nexus is lacking – other than the 93,200 apps (100,000+ by recent estimates) that the iPhone’s app store offers. Game developers are more attracted to coding a game for the iPhone, because they’re programming a game to work with a specific piece of hardware and take full advantage of its graphic chip.

In the other hand, only Android can multitask and interact between applications, and browse between them – app’s in iPhone are independent. Android is much more open. It lets developers access pretty much anything on the phone, from the camera to the music library (both of which are currently restricted zones on the iPhone).

What determines who “wins” a smartphone platform war? What’ll be cooler, Gaming or Multitasking? In other words, emotional or rational advantages?

Pricing could also be an issue.

Surfing through the web means pretty much using Google software (Google Search, Gmail, and possibly Google Wave) fact that can balance the power to Android, which will probably develop smoother interaction with Google apps.

The market will probably fade in two types of philosophy, where the more emotional and trendy will have an iPhone unless Android provides cheaper and wider content for users with it’s open source. Android’s multitasking, keyboard and mashable applications can make the trick for the rational group. iPhone heads the emotional trend but there are many many developers out there wishing for openness.

Will the VHS/Beta case apply in case of the openness of applications? Let’s see how Google Chrome for Apple plays.

(…)Apple lost out to DOS/Windows because of the attack of the PC clones. Now the droids are coming for iPhone.

But as a friend said “(…) you know the iphone success is quite more than a tech issue.”

Source: Mashable, Wired.


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