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Tim Burton’s Legendary Status

OK, Tim Burton is Tim Burton, and nothing can be really learned about how to become a symbol of modernity rather than becoming a genius with a world of your own (a galaxy, a universe!).

But the timing of this exposition has given me something to think about. It is the perfect campaign for Burton’s new movie, Alice in Wonderland.

You know, Tim Burton’s on MoMA. He’s a living icon, we HAVE to go and see his movie, or we’ll be out of the privileged crowd who nourishes with his insights.

Nowadays, people must receive an ad at least in 5 different places to be really taken into account. And friends are the most likable to rely on.

TV is a privileged position: if they are in TV, they are good (depending on the niche).

Website is a must: a nice website is where I’ll go to gather further information and experience the brand.

Other: press, banner, billboard, facebook, even in the news (better), it all adds up.

Friends: oh yes, this is a bonus

But which one is the 5th? Which 5th media is the one that really strikes the consumer an makes WOM spread? Is it an original social movement, like Brammo’s seek the president quest, Tim Burton’s iconic figure on museums, Nike’s running app on iPhone…?

Transmedia, multi-experience solutions. Consumers are getting fussy.


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