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Viewing stages

Reading Cesar Garcia’s article about media consumption I saw the light about how to draw into 3 little boxes the changing media landscape.

Cesar followed Kika Samblás, recently returned from the AdWorld Summit at NY.

What is happening?

People consume media at three different stages, so logically advertising should change depending on the landscape they’re placed on:

1.- Passive media consumption: One-way message while you’re in your mental sofa.

2.- Owned media consumption: the brand is the owner of the environment. Playing with the brand in a game, web, event, series or promotion, to name a few. Consumer is proactive here and likes new experiences, advancing step by step unfolding the brand essence, or the cheapest price, depending on the brand and/or product.

Owned media consumption could merge with passive media consumption also (remember old P&G advertainment series?)

3.- Sharing media consumption: it’s only about people here not about brands, please don’t interrupt. Understanding this issue is vital so that brands could just help users to communicate between them with other tools than “upload your video”, as I posted before.

They all have different rules, behavioural patterns, and while one is thirsty for marketing budgets others won’t give a damm.

Internet is the only place where the three worlds co-exist.

p.d.: a scary presentation about Google in my agency, selling us their expertise as a consulting company for advertising on their searcher and webs, lead me to think they are presenting themselves as a media agency for marketing clients on the Internet, discovering consumer trends through search keywords, web analytics for placing ads, web optimizer for micro-sites, and even helping in the design of banners. Of course small clients will appreciate this, nobody expects more of them (imagine a super campaign of the chinese store on the corner). Creative agencies and media agencies are already in a big fight. Media agencies have volume as a burning weapon (not digital savyy, never confuse) and some even small creative departments. Google has the key to data (and the name). Media agencies are gaining the key to data (I’ll write a post about the importance of having access to Google Adsense). But creative agencies do have ideas. Worthy ideas which make clients win millions. We have to sell that.


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