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The use of Twitter is changing from informing about the content of your lunch (early using):

…to sharing information – especially with the use of bit.ly and tiny.cc (with which you can also track clicks and location of content sharing).

Twitter is now my personal newspaper, and I’m sure that it is also for many other users. The more I am tired from Facebook, the more I like Twitter – precisely because of its simplicity. And that is good for your smartphone.

The social media channel has rejected the purchase from Google, and has made it easier to share and receive content from friends and family, confronting Facebook.

For marketers, it is good it is public – search search search, answer answer answer!

We’ll always like to share pics though. Will Twitpic do the trick? Let’s see how that evolves.

Anyway, who says we can’t have two accounts? Advertising should consider the view of both channels, knowing the special characteristics of each other, specially if a “movement” wants to be created.


Nikon’s Twitter campaign

Ikea’s Facebook Campaign

Wasn’t fond of Twitter before though, mainly because it was an “american thing”. With the introduction of new languages, things are changing!

Next post: best Twitter analyzing tools!

Interesting Twitter’s population data in Spain 2009 (click to read):



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