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Online branding

Ever since traffic reports have been available for online ad campaigns, people have been doing whatever possible to increase the CTR.

Before the days of internet advertising, people would advertise on the radio, or in the newspaper, and HOPE for a return. Now they expect to quantify return in the form of CTR. The truth is, a branding campaign has always been and will always be more valuable than the “Act Now!” campaign.

Imagine a banner that simply says, “Coke” and has a photo of a perspiring glass bottle of Coca-Cola sitting on ice.

That ad, at a 10-20% share of voice in the same position for a year, will ultimately yield higher returns than the “YOU ARE THE 10,000TH VISITOR!!!! CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE iPOD!!!” ad (despite the sad fact that the ipod ad probably received many more clicks).

The problem is that too many “call to action” ads do very little, if any branding. The Coke ad has no call to action and will likely receive a horrible CTR.

Many marketing professionals, however, will believe this campaign to be more “successful” than a gimmicky ad.

More Internet advertising conferences for marketing guys please! They could also be reminded of retaining the key to Google Adsense accounts in order to share them with creative agencies (not only media agencies).

Even if you can measure something it doesn’t mean you HAVE TO measure it. The real problem is how to measure the offline effects of online campaigns.


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