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Branding the big picture

Holt wants to introduce a new variable in the constrution of brands.

His article basically talks about placing Society in the brand identity mix – how brands should be constructed in the cultural context of the society as a whole (past, present and future) in which the consumer lives; as a cultural value, rather than a snapshot of the insight of a separated target group alone . This is because actual branding does all right understanding individuals and their necessities, but not so much their cultural context.

Holt’s focus fits with the increasing trend of brands becoming responsible with our environment (i.e.: Coke’s Hopenhagen or Corona’s Save the Beach).

More on his book: How Brands Become Icons: The Principles of Cultural Branding

This is an extract:

  • “Cultural knowledge focuses on the major social changes impacting the nation, rather than on clusters of individuals.
  • Cultural knowledge examines the role of major social categories of class, gender, and ethnicity in identity construction rather than obscuring these categories by sorting people into “psychographic” groups.
  • Cultural knowledge views the brand as a historical actor in society.
  • Cultural knowledge views people holistically, seeking to understand what gives their lives meaning, rather than as customers of category benefits.
  • Cultural knowledge seeks to understand the identity value of mass culture texts, rather than treating mass culture simply as trends and entertainment.”


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