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All Social Media Graphics

These are all the nice visual learning graphics I found out about social media, via mashable, blogs news etc.

I actually have a client that didn’t believe in Facebook, so it’s nice to have the hard facts to show how it can help out in the relationship between the people, the brand and it’s product (wait, wasn’t it the other way round? whatever).

Average activity of a Facebook user

Advantages of having Facebook Fans

Average activity of a Twitter user

Individual time spent by country in Social Media

Individual time spent by Social Media

Top companies using Social Media

Best ways of using Social Media

Reasons of brands to be in Social Media

Influence of Social Media in brands


6 million users in Spain.
50% of active users enters FB every day.
More than 40 million daily status updates.

The current demographic profile: More than half of the users have already left the university and the fastest growing group is formed by users aged 25 or more.


Twitter saw in May 2008 35.000 unique visitors in Spain. A year later, more than 589,000, an increase of 1591%.
The number of monthly users in Spain 866
His half-call time is 20 minutes per session in October 2009.

The current demographic profile: Men; Between 21 – 33 years; Professionally linked to new technologies and the Internet.


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