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Grasping Women’s Thoughts

When I was 15 I decided to never try to truly understand women – just enjoy time with them.

Now it seems that comm people should give it a go again.

This may seem a little sexist but… increasing male interest in cosmethics, fashion, sensibility… are women re-conquering the world?

There’s is nice resume on the recent conference Rethink-her, which talks about how strategies should be re-defined to better access female purchasers.

See a study about consumption patterns of women in Spain here.

“Women represent the largest emerging market in the world, more than China and India combined.”
“(…)51% of the market that performs 80% of purchases (…)”

– What do you work in?

– Understanding women

– Oh my…

10 mistakes in marketing to women

The study by The Boston Consulting Group 2010, shows 10 typical mistakes made when trying to create and sell products designed “for women” from a male perspective.

1. Ignoring the importance of the emotional.

While people can realize their regular shopping routine to replace the products, she is carried away by the feelings that cause you purchase.

You have to evoke emotions and provoke the senses, using visual language and talk “with” them, not “to” them.

Women are also more sensitive and better interpreters of nonverbal communication, picking up subtle nuances from tone of voice or facial expression and appreciation of nature.

2. Cut prices to make up sales.

The promotion of sales through promotions or offers sometimes takes the opposite effect than expected in women. Them, demanding quality, might think that low prices show mediocre products.

3. Products do not change year to year.

Extend the development cycle of a product made few changes to it from one season to another, is difficult to differentiation from competitors. Women seek novelty, the best and left captivated by the innovation.

4. Feminize men’s products.

Another common mistake is to adapt products originally developed for men, women, changing the size, shape, packaging, color or marketing strategy. In most cases, when a woman believes that the product was not originally created for her, tend to reject it.

5. Wrong in differentiation.

Those responsible for marketing of many brands ignore the importance of studying cultural gender differences to capture the female audience effectively and achieve marketing inclusive of women and men.

This is not to say “now we are female” or pink paint all their products, but in asking the right questions: Are our products best suited to the female audience? Do we communicate with consumers effectively? How can we target the female audience and make them feel heard and heeded? What emotions and trends motivate their final purchase decision?

6. Clumsy communication.

In much of the advertising women are invisible or stereotypes of male models.

Is more effective than those who establish the brand communication to women, think and feel like them. One of the main reasons for this is that awkward communication agency creative teams are made up mostly by men.

Counting on women, teaming with men, we get to talk to everyone, not just to them or them. Women should participate in the design of the image given of them represent the publicity to get a realistic and credible.

7. Neglect the need to create products that save time.

Despite some redefinition of gender roles at home, largely domestic tasks are still performed by women. Therefore, these are opting for those food products and save time in meal preparation and household cleaning.

Companies can not ignore the difficult balance between family life, work, social and personal if you want to create a bond of loyalty with them.

8. Ignoring the importance of the social.

Women are much more social than men. There are more and better potential ambassadors of our product ambassadors.

Recommend more and feel better doing it. But there’s also the bad news.Faced with a bad experience with our brand is more likely to destroy our reputation.

With most women users, social networks like Facebook or Twiter have reinvented the classic one-way communication, transforming it into an act of exchange, to share in community. Brands must adapt to this new scenario.

9. Forget the aesthetic designs.

Neuroscience reveals differences in mental processes for the appreciation of beauty, sounds, sense of humor, language processing or the appreciation of colors.

According to studies on women is a certain tendency toward empathic thinking and systems thinking man. Consumers man focuses his priorities when shopping on the functionality, durability and price. In contrast, the consumer appreciates the aesthetics of the product as part emotional buying decision.

10. Underestimate the importance of love.

The woman believes that love is the most important aspect of his life. But love in all its facets, like a mother to her child, the love of family, brotherly love … Married women with children, especially, are more receptive to products and services that say “I love you.”

Via: Puro Marketing


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