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Music business matures: + new music + live gigs – piratery

Fedea takes back what many have been claiming, stating: music biz is actually growing but moving into live gigs.

The ones who are loosing $ are the old monopoly, that is the 4 major music labels, and, in Spain, the 600 musicians that gain 75% of SGAE’s incomes.

Internet comes with more music, and that is good – from 2004 to 2008, the nº of musicians grew from 1.142 to 1.360, and the nº of songs from 559 to 1.176. Also, free downloads are declining as they new models emerge, that being digital shops (iTunes) or streaming (Spotify).

And what about $? Cash is moving into concerts.

2004: 549 million euros for the music biz

– 405 million from CDs or digital downloads

– 144 million from live music

2007: 652 million.

2008 (crisis): 563 million

254.4 million from CDs or digital downloads

309.1 million from live music

Are you in the music industry? Are you noticing any favorable changes?


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