everyday can be a domingo

Your brand today should…

#1 Construct a clear brand: For your brand to be relevant and connect emotionally with your target, it should or either become a silent-quality brand, like Zara, or assume a culturally-positive stand be it big or small, related with your brand promise, like Diesel.

One way of transmitting your stand and your brand essence in a clear way is through the lens of the archetypes. If you take into account strenghts/weaknesses and the goals of your archetype, you’ll also communicate better, as archetypes are behavioural models placed on our collective imagination.

Here is a nice graph which visualizes, depending on the “weight” of your customers motivation, what “behavioural model” your brand may want to represent:

#2 Investigate: A good way of understanding&working back solutions for your segment, as well as market studies and Internet analysis (Twitter trends, google analytics etc.)  may be through real-time conversations (ie: twitter/facebook), which should be based on context rather than “spam-like” community messages (check Gatorade’s serach of insights through dialogue )

Ask and discover insights. Remember that a strong insight generates dozens of ideas and that it has to be of a high emotional order. For example: Why do I want to lose weight? Well, I wouldn’t mind having more energy. Why do I want more energy in my life? Well, I want to be active so I can live longer. Why is that important? That’s easy: I have two young children and I want to see them grow up, strive for their dreams, and live full lives. They’re my reason for being.

Look for a good equilibrium between the mystique&openness your brand wants to project. The archetype model, combined with personality, may also help define a clear brand tone.

#3 Act: “Ideas that solve business problems” shouldn’t only revolve around the barriers of communication but it could be more about potential benefits (promotions),understanding (communicating insights), utility (in your life) and cultural opportunities (a herd leader).

Your brand doesn’t need to shout out, because your customers may be not prepared to have the sort of relationsip you want them to. Relations with your customers should focus on listening and establish a 2way conversation.

Rather than ideas that are content, create ideas that generate content and that can be spread through different mediums, because they can be more experiencial. Take cultural latency into account, be it long or a glimpse.

p.d.: make us laugh for a change to help us liberate some tension, since that is what we need on these times (Mixta = jester archetype):


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