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Basic Web traffic analysis steps

Combining market research consumers (top of mind, satisfaction, market share, wallet share, brand image) and its competitors offer (sales, referrals, average price, commercial conditions and promotions), the procedure performed to investigate Web traffic is to contrast the following sources:

1. Alexa (general pulse of the market, unreliable source, not segmented)

2. Google
a) Adplanner (monthly, but accurate, reliable source, segmented conversion rates)
b) Trends (inaccurate)
c) Insights (vague, general pulse of the market)

3. Nielsen / OJD (among other things, verify traffic sources, conversion rates)
a) Netviews
b) Market intelligence

4. Netsuus / SeoGuardian (including verify traffic sources, conversion rates)

5. Social Mention / Technorati / Twittorati (social media analysis)

Contrasting the results of different tools, for me the key fact is, rather than unique visitors, number of pages visited between time per page of the competition. This information helps me to set specific targets to be met.


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