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Tim Burton’s Legendary Status

OK, Tim Burton is Tim Burton, and nothing can be really learned about how to become a symbol of modernity rather than becoming a genius with a world of your own (a galaxy, a universe!).

But the timing of this exposition has given me something to think about. It is the perfect campaign for Burton’s new movie, Alice in Wonderland.

You know, Tim Burton’s on MoMA. He’s a living icon, we HAVE to go and see his movie, or we’ll be out of the privileged crowd who nourishes with his insights.

Nowadays, people must receive an ad at least in 5 different places to be really taken into account. And friends are the most likable to rely on.

TV is a privileged position: if they are in TV, they are good (depending on the niche).

Website is a must: a nice website is where I’ll go to gather further information and experience the brand.

Other: press, banner, billboard, facebook, even in the news (better), it all adds up.

Friends: oh yes, this is a bonus

But which one is the 5th? Which 5th media is the one that really strikes the consumer an makes WOM spread? Is it an original social movement, like Brammo’s seek the president quest, Tim Burton’s iconic figure on museums, Nike’s running app on iPhone…?

Transmedia, multi-experience solutions. Consumers are getting fussy.

Fan Films II

Star Wars has united into a single social platform, Star Wars Uncut (other than the Comic Con awards) fan films which are being produced for some years from now (see my old post about fan films). It’s a huge social movement by true fans.

Imagen 1

In my opinion, brands (not products) are communities. You wear, you eat, drink or drive a brand (not the cheapest product) if you are proud of what it is made of and what it stands for. If not, you’re just using a product. To become a fan of a product means that you are proud of that product and that you want to become part of that community.

But, are brands to be trusted? Is the price, value and quality right? If not the balloon will promptly break.

Story, which is the history and storytelling of the brand, is it relevant? Does it’s philosophy match yours? Is it the brave (confident, enthusiast, innovative and generous) hero you need for the lifestage you’re at?

If consumers trusted a brand, it’s trajectory and it’s tangible-adding-value actions maybe they would want to represent the brand and recommend it to other consumers and friends. Just for a start, who hasn’t recreated Martini’s lip touch movement…

How would you convince your friend that you are good lad after asking for more money from his/her wallet?

A brand who’s story really inspires me, because of its history, philosophy, products and innovation is Powell Peralta.

But many recreations about commercials are spoofs:

Nowadays, if many advertisers were normal people, consumers would punch them in the face.

Fan Films

Fan Films are films inspired by other films, TV programmes, comic books, video games or similar sources, created by fans rather than by the source’s copyright holders or creators.

Good films have been produced so far, I discovered this funny turn-around version of Star Wars, “Pitching Lucas”, award winner of 2006 Star Wars Fan Film in Comic Con:

New technology (web, social media, cheap camaras, 3D tools and sound tools), fans and a mix of talents can make it all possible; and their love makes up for their lack of proffesionalism by far.

If fans can make new versions of movies, they could also make them from ads couldn’t they? Isn’t there a large number of fake brands out there?

Instead of “territories”, brands could develop “universes”. Hence not only an ad should be memorable, but it should have a universe of its own which consumers would ideally want to reproduce. Different chapters or sequences of the same ad concept in time would help to place this universe in the mind of the consumer. “Brand new” messages are compatible with this format, as well as reminders of old strategies under new perspectives, more linkable and therefore, memorable.

There is a big discussion about what attributes should an ad accomplish: being heard of, remembered (vinculated with the brand), communicating the message with the target group, understood, and liked or not. But discussions shouldn’t talk about this. Should talk about converting consumers into fans, about introducing souls into products, brands and companies. Share the love.

Storytelling, that’s the word. Weren’t brands looking for virality? Here’s a source.

Fan Films could also be provided as content for brand campaigns related to films, comics or other (see BKing’s Kingon Campaign).

I am a big fan of Stella Artois’s ad (no wonder they won this year’s Cannes):

p.d.: did anyone play Monkey Island?

Where The Wild Things Are

Hay un trailer que me chifla “Where the wild things are”, del creador de videoclips como Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice”, Daft Punk’s “Da Funk”, y de las peliculas “Cómo ser John Malkovich” o “Jackass”, Spike Jonze, basado en un libro infantil clásico con el que me crié (Maurice Sendak), con Warner Bros Pictures.
Estaba prevista para que se estrenase en 2008, PERO los j*$%& productores de Warner vieron como un par de niños se asustaron con algunas escenas…vale pobres chavales pero, ¿que pasa con la integridad de una obra artística? La están volviendo a rodar desde hace un año con el guionista de “Chipmunks”…


Daft Punk / TR2N

Daft Punk, el dueto francés de electrónica conocido por su apariencia robótica, ha sido fichado por Walt Disney Pictures para componer la banda sonora de “TR2N”, una actualización del clásico de ciencia ficción del estudio “Tron”.

Fuente: Billboard