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Oh, and I added Seth Godin again… not so vague as I initially thought…


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Improv Everywhere

In Spain! Barcelona, Madrid, Murcia and Vigo! 6:00pm Thursday!

The MP3 Experiment NY:

This is their Mailing List, RSS Feed, web, and blog.

This is NY’s The Mp3 Experiment Six Download Link [right click and “save as” to download]

Listen to me mum

Sometimes when I talk to my mother about advertising she doesn’t find it that interesting.

We really appreciate when someone likes your blog, and if a respected proper planner adds you to his blogroll… bueno…maybe it shouldn’t but it means a lot to us.

We’re talking about Guillermo Navarro’s Streetwise.

Hihi we feel good.

LiFE, by Alvaro C

Viaje Impredecible que Dura Años hahaha…

(Unpredictable Trip that Lasts Years)

Source: Nímias Cosas Mínimas

“A Fondo”

I am delighted with the interview series broadcasted in the late nights of BTV I just saw and wanted to share. Great Spanish or Latin American artists of all times were brightly and sincerely interviewed by Soler Serrano on RTVE (Spain’s National TV Channel) in the 70’s.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found a version with english subtitles.

For those who did not know about it, and speak Spanish, please enjoy.

Julio Cortázar

Salvador Dalí